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"Best of Lucky 848" Belg.11.4191818. This outstanding young cock is inbred to the famous original De Rauw-Sablon super breeder “Freddy” Belg.94.4407032. When Freddy passed away on 29th February 2012 he was described as “ONE OF THE GREATEST STOCK BREEDERS IN THE HISTORY OF THE BELGIAN PIGEON SPORT” "Best of Lucky 848" is a direct son from one of the last direct daughters that's still alive.

Sire: "National Lucky Ace" Super Breeder, sire of 1st National & 1st Provincial winners including 1st National Argenton 25,586 birds and fastest velocity from a total liberation of 36,816 birds. “National Lucky Ace” is full brother World famous cock “Bak 17” (Marcel Aelbrecht) & “Blue Ace” (Eric Limbourg) direct sons from Champion “Lucky 848” who is considered the best De Rauw-Sablon breeder of this moment & "National Lucky Ace" is his best breeding son! "Lucky 848" is bred from son x granddaughter to DREAM PAIR "Albert" x "Paola" 
Mother to "National Lucky Ace" is “Daughter Dromer” direct daughter from the super breeder “Den Dromer”
“Den Dromer” is grandfather to “Miss Maniwan”
1st National  St. Vincent - 25,870 birds (at C. & G. Koopman)
“Den Dromer” is grandfather to “Cornelis”
1st National Limoges 2010 – 2,024 birds (at C. & G. Koopman)
1st Int. Limoges 2010 – 4,885 birds
Fastest marathon racer on the day in The Netherlands
“Den Dromer” is grandfather to
2nd National Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB 2007 (at Erik Limbourg)
“Den Dromer” is grandfather to:
World famous “Bak 17” (at Marcel Aelbrecht)
“Den Dromer” is grandfather to “Good Aim”
3rd Prestigious Sun City Million Dollar Pigeon Race 2009
“Den Dromer” is gr.grandfather to
1st National Argenton old birds 2010 - 5,756 birds (at. F. & J. Vandenheede)
“Den Dromer” is one of the top sons to phenomenon “Freddy” 

Dam: “Freddy’s World Wonder” an outstanding breeder who is grandmother of 15 x 1st prize winners plus 36 x in best 1% & 135 x in best 10%. Top prizes include 36th National Chateauroux – 9,026 birds, 46th National Gueret – 14,784 birds, 49th National Argenton – 10,549 birds, 60th National  Montlucon – 8,619 birds, 80th National La Souterraine – 17,017 birds,114th National Gueret – 14,245 birds. 
“Freddy’s World Wonder” is the best breeding daughter of “Freddy” x “Kleine Zwart” – “Freddy” is a great legend in modern pigeon racing … he was wonder breeder for De Rauw-Sablon and went on the become founding father for the Pros Roosen colony … his offspring are amazing!!
“Freddy” is father to “Mr. Expensive” the father of “Doran”
1st NPO Orleans - 9,670 birds (13 minutes lead)
21st NPO Chantilly - 13,008 birds.
58th NPO Blois - 5,737 birds
“Freddy” is father to “Kastar”
18th National La Souterainne - 14,957 birds
41st National Limoges - 16,504 birds
“Freddy” is father to “Blauwe Prins”
2nd Prov. Vierzon - 6,928 birds
4th National Bourges - 12,754 birds
11th National Bourges - 10,759 birds
“Freddy” is father to ‘Iwan’
3rd National Bourges – 11,854 birds
36th National Argenton – 17,933 birds
“Freddy” is grandfather to “Lucky 77”
1st National Ace Bird Long Distance KBDB 2005 (at Erik Limbourg)
“Freddy” is grandfather to “Blue Erika” at Raf de Haese breeder of winners
1st National La Souterraine 2009 – 4,460 birds
1st National Argenton 2011 - 10,962 birds
Mother to “Freddy’s World Wonder” is ‘Klein Zwart’, leading lady for the champions colony of Pros Roosen
Grandmother to more than 15 x 1st Prize Winners in big competition
Grandmother to more than 60 x top 5 winners in big competition
Grandmother to more than 75 x prize winners in the best 1% of the result
Grandmother to more than 240 x prize winners in the best 10% of the result


1st M.N.F.C. Nat 5,103 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 7,791 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 17,366 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 10,148 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 3,461 birds
1st M.N.F.C Nat 4,154 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,753 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 14,701 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 12,229 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 5,243 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 7,000 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 5,977 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 8,535 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,143 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 12,921 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 24,000 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 16,200 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,756 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,716 birds
1st F.C.I. Int: Nat 6,940 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,080 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,601 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 8,406 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 7,312 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 6,590 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 5,434 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,472 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 4,315 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,767 birds