1st M.N.F.C. Nat 5,103 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 7,791 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 17,366 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 10,148 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 3,461 birds
1st M.N.F.C Nat 4,154 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,753 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 14,701 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 12,229 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 5,243 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 7,000 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 5,977 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 8,535 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,143 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 12,921 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 24,000 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 16,200 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,756 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,716 birds
1st F.C.I. Int: Nat 6,940 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,080 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,601 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 8,406 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 7,312 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 6,590 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 5,434 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,472 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 4,315 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,767 birds

Daily Reports

Great Start to the 2013 Racing Season. Updated 09.10.13

 Billy Bilsland
1st Open Scottish National Leicester 
276 members sent 1,889 birds - vel 1285.13
After this outstanding performance Billy was very quick to give credit to his good friend David Reed who bred his 1st Section B, 1st Open National winner. This young cock like most top winners is again surround with winners on both sides of the pedigree. The dam is a granddaughter from Myrtle Lofts world famous breeding pair "Jester" & "Carrie" and is a full sister to the Emerald Classic One Loft winner.
This latest winner makes 18 x 1st Open National winners that are bred down from Myrtle Lofts Super Breeding Pair "Jester" & "Carrie" 

Richard Turner
1st Open MNFC National Carentan  
370 members sent 3,554 birds 
276 miles / 444km vel 1115.01

Richard 1st Open National winner is surrounded with winning genetics right through the pedigree on both sides. Richard is an outstanding pigeon fancier who only purchases the best bloodlines possible to ensure that he achieves results at the highest level. Richard National winner is bred from NL.08.977 a direct daughter from Myrtle Lofts "Pre Olympic" when paired to a grandson from "Pre Olympic" The mother to this cock is a super breeding hen, already dam to 7 different first Federation winners to date. 
Please Realise Richard obtained his "Pre Olympic" bloodlines from his good friend Peter Jonker from the Netherlands before Peter had his Entire Clearance Sale on pipa in 2009. Myrtle Lofts purchased "Pre Olympic" at this auction

Jonathan Walker
1st Open MNFC National Bordeaux 1,339 birds
599 miles / 964 km 
Jonathan's 1st Open National winner was selfbred. The sire is the "Walsh Cock" bred by Jonathan's in laws Mr & Mrs Pat Walsh, the Walsh Cock" has won no less than 17 x 1st prizes in his racing career and now sire to 1st National winner, when paired to a direct daughter from Myrtle Lofts Super National Breeding Pair "Solitaire" x "Band of Gold". In one MNFC National race alone there were five different pigeons that were placed in the top 20 open. They won 2nd, 4th, 8th, 18th 20th Open National 850 members sent 7,131 birds.  
L & A Milne
1st Sect, 3rd Open National Bordeaux 1,339 birds
602 miles / 968 km. Vel 1685.51
Considered to be the fastest velocity recorded in the U.K.
for any race over 600 miles
Lewis & Angela's 1st North Section, 3rd Open National winner was a direct M & D. Evans pigeon that was bred at Myrtle Lofts. He is a direct son from from "Calvin" when paired to 1st UNC National winner "Cosmick Girl.  In the pedigree there is several famous names from Myrtle Lofts, "Rolls Royc", "Jester" & "Carrie", "Golden Boy" "Benson"
Jason & Kala Ross
1st Open NFC National Saintes 3,110 birds
 Jason & Kala are no strangers to winning top performances at Classic and National level. Year after year their own family of pigeons continue to achieve outstanding results. Their 1st Open National winner is Gaby Vandenabeele based pigeon from a cross between bloodlines that Jason purchased at Tony Carters Entire Clearance Sale and M & D. Evans bloodlines that he purchased from Mark Granger / Greame Warman. The M & D. Evans bloodlines are "Jester" & "Carrie", "Ebony", "Golden Boy" "Jasin" etc.   
Dobson & Savage
1st Open UNC National Eastbourne
7,312 birds. 271 miles / 436 km. vel 1279.7
Dougie and Jackie's 1st Open National winner named "Jacqueline's Pride" was bred from two direct M & D. Evans pigeons that they purchased direct from Myrtle Lofts. The sire was a grandson from from "No Doubt" RPRA Award Winner in 2006 & 2007. Winner of 10 x 1st prizes including 3 x 1st Amal, 3 x 1st Combine wins, also 2 x 2nd Amal, 2 x 2nd Combine, 4th Amal, 5th Combine, 8th Amal, 18th Combine, 12th Amal, 14th Combine plus many other prizes. The dam to "Jacqueline's Pride" is a direct daughter from "Young Assassin" (Shadow x Jester & Carrie bloodlines) x "Carmella" direct daughter "Shadow" x "going for Gold"  
Les Morris
1st West Section (Zone) 
140 members sending 1,243 birds 
1st Open M.N.F.C. National 307 miles / 494 km. 
Carentan 829 members sending 8,406 birds. vel 1275.28

Les's 1st Open National winner now named "The 78 Cock" is bred from stock that he purchased at a Myrtle Lofts auction in 2004. "The 78 Cock" is a previous double Federation winner. He is a grandson from Myrtle Lofts "Gaby 600" x "Lady Moriska". Inbred to Koen Minderhoud's Super racer and breeder "Gaby 103"

Ian Jamieson
1st Open U.N.C. National Lillers 
10,601 birds. vel 1245.43

Ian Jamieson from Amble in the north east is one of the longest flying lofts in the U.N.C. The winning pigeon is a two year old cock who achived an outstanding performance in 8 hours 42 minutes 42 seconds flying 369 miles / 593 km. The winning bird now called "Shadow Boxer" had shown plenty of good form in recent weeks winning 3rd Club, 4th Federation Rivenhall. 2nd Club, 7th Federation Eastbourne. Both he and his nest mate are previous winners. "Shadow Boxer" has you can guess is bred down from Myrtle Lofts Champion "Shadow" 

Packer & Clarke
1st & 2nd Section, 9th & 11th Open B.I.C.C. National 
Alencon 486 members sending 4,797 birds
The partnership of Derek Packer and his half brother Brian Clarke are having a fantastic season to date. Their 1st Section, 9th Open winner is a granddaughter from Myrtle Lofts "Maclaren" & "Saffron as well as "Miss Eisen" (Daughter of Eisenhower x Saffron) The 2nd Section, 11th Open winner contains the bloodlines from "Lord of the Rings" & "Eisenhower" once again from Myrtle Lofts. 

Mirfin & Payling
1st Section, 1st Open Northern Classic Carentan
The partnership of Aubrey Mirfin and Alan Payling from Maltby put up an outstanding performance winning 1st Open 730 birds (winning vel 1196) The winning pigeon flying 284 miles / 457 km is bred down from Myrtle Lofts "Jester" & "Carrie" bloodlines crossed with Myrtle Lofts old super breeder "Golden Boy". It's not surprising after studying these bloodlines why this was such a great performance on such a hard working day.

John Scatchard & Elwyn "Penrho" Jones
R.P.R.A 1st Yearling Race Winners
John's RPRA winner is 100% M & D. Evans bloodlines bred down from stock that was purchased direct from Myrtle Lofts. He is inbred to Champion "Shadow" when paired to "Princess" and "T.C" when paired to "Hillcroft Fantasy" on both sides of the pedigree. Elwyn's RPRA winner is a full sister to his 1st Open Welsh South East National winner 2012. She carries the Myrtle Lofts "Jester" & "Carrie" bloodlines crossed to the "Picanol" lines.

John Scatchard (Left) 1st Hotspot 5 - Elwyn "Penrho" Jones (Right) 1st Hotspot 2

Mr & Mrs K. Upham
2nd Open Welsh National
The partnership timed in a two year old Blue W/F roundabout widowhood cock. The bloodlines come down from Myrtle Lofts "Solitaire" (Son of Shadow x Princess) & "Joint Venture" (Daughter Gaby 600 x Queen of Diamonds) Mr & Mrs Upham obtained these pigeons from retired fancier John Sparry.

Mr & Mrs Joe Booth
1st Section, 1st Open N.S.F - West Bay 4,576 birds
We received another telephone call from our good friend Jack Walker from Cannock to say that Joe and his wife had achieved 1st Open N.S.F. for the second week in a row. The winner is 100% M & D. Evans bloodlines from the "Carrie Black", "Shadow" bloodlines. Joe and his wife also took 6th Open 4,576 birds in this same race with a bird that was 50% M & D. Evans bloodlines, crossed 50% Peter Fox bloodlines from Syndicate Lofts.

Packer & Clarke
1st Section, 3rd Open London & South East Classic 
Guernsey 78 members sending 849 birds
Derek & Brian have won the London & South East Classic Club on several occasions and here they are at the top of the result once again. Their winning pigeon is a blue yearling cock that is raced on the roundabout system. Both parents bred at Myrtle Lofts. The sire is a direct son from Champion "Shadow" x "Top Investment" and the dam is a direct daughter from "Pre Olympic" x "Davina"

Mr & Mrs Joe Booth
1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th Open N.S.F 
Wincanton 4,524 birds
We received a telephone call from our good friend Jack Walker from Cannock to say that Joe and his wife had achieved the above result in the N.S.F. Five out of the six birds were 100% M & D. Evans bloodlines and the sixth bird was 50% our bloodlines. these bloodlines was obtained from M & D. Evans stock that were housed at Jack's loft. 

Marles & Evans. Florida. USA.

1st Sprint Champion Loft in the G.H.C. 
Over 200 members - Beating the 2nd Champion Loft by 1,536 points

1st Ace Bird Middle Distance  "Sylvan Mira" AU12 CHU 13019
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

1st Overall Ace Bird  "Sylvan Zanzibar" AU12 CHU 13034
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

2nd Ace Bird Sprint  "Sylvan Rockafeller" AU12 FS I1174
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

2nd Ace Bird Middle Distance  "Sylvan Sasha" AU12 CHU 16004
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

2nd Overall Ace Bird  "Sylvan Mira" AU12 CHU 13019
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

3rd Ace Bird Middle Distance  "Sylvan Zanzibar" AU12 CHU 13034
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

4th Overall Ace Bird  "Sylvan Sasha" AU12CHU16004
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club

10th Ace Bird Middle Distance  "Sylvan Abracadabra" AU12 CHU 16011
Raced by Marles & Evans. Brooksville Florida. USA
Gulfcoast Homing Club