1st M.N.F.C. Nat 5,103 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 7,791 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 17,366 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 10,148 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 3,461 birds
1st M.N.F.C Nat 4,154 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,753 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 14,701 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 12,229 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 5,243 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 7,000 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 5,977 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 8,535 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,143 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 12,921 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 24,000 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 16,200 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,756 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,716 birds
1st F.C.I. Int: Nat 6,940 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,080 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,601 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 8,406 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 7,312 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 6,590 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 5,434 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,472 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 4,315 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,767 birds

Daily Reports




Finishes Thursday 29th March at 20.00 hours (UK time)

(Auction Rules below)


100% of the total money made at this auction will be donated to Rothwell Junior’s FC. to help raise funds to send 14 young lads (Under 16's) to Portugal to play in a Portuguese tournament. This will be a trip of a lifetime and a great opportunity for these young lads.



THIS PAIR ARE SOLD WITH A GUARANTEE. If the successful winning bid isn’t 100% happy with the breeding from this pair in the first two seasons breeding (2019 & 2020) the pair can be exchanged for another pair at no extra cost.  


Because I am a big believer in line breeding I have selected what I believe are the best 2 young birds that I can offer from my 2018 Breeding Programme.


ONE 2018 YOUNGSTER from my No1. BREEDING PAIR. “Ice Man” x “National Carrie” This will be the first youngster that I have offered for sale this year from this pair.

Sire: “Ice Man” Direct father to 1st Ace MNFC National Long Distance & 3 x 1st Section/Zone winners at National level. He is also grandfather to “Leading Lady” 1st BICC National Guernsey 2016. “Ice Man” has bred several foundation breeders who have in turn bred multiple winners. This is not surprising when you consider he is the No 1. Direct Breeding Son from “Champion Shadow” x “Top Investment”

Dam: “National Carrie” No 1. BREEDING HEN housed in Mark's present day breeding loft. Her name appears in the pedigrees of several top races and breeders. In the last two years alone she was direct mother to “Lady Lucas” 1st NFC National Guernsey 2015 & Grandmother to “Leading Lady” 1st BICC National Guernsey 2016. She is also direct mother to 2 x 2nd National winners both beaten on the drop by loft mates.

“National Carrie”is a direct daughter of Jester 74 x Paula daughter 1st Belgium National winner Edou 1st Semi-National 10,295 birds, 13th Argenton 8,405 birds, 54th National Bourges 18,028 birds. “Jester 74” is a direct son from “Jester” & “Carrie” who are in the pedigrees to 15 x 1st National Winners) Including

1st Open M.N.F.C. National Picauville 4,154 birds

1st Open BICC National Tours 4,315 birds

1st Open NFC National Angers 5,977 birds

1st Open NFC National Saintes 3,110 birds

1st Open UNC National Eastbourne 7,312 birds.

1st Open Welsh South East National Carentan 3,175 birds

1st Open BICC National Falaise 2,554 birds


ONE 2018 YOUNGSTER from “Shadow’s Image” 1st National Tours 4,171 birds

when paired to “Dream Girl” 1st National Reims 4,193 birds.

Sire: “Shadow’s Image” winner of 1st BICC National Tours 4,171 birds. Direct son from “Bob De Batt” the last direct son from “Champion Shadow” when paired to “Golden Black”. Mother to “Shadow’s Image” is the “Levi Young” direct daughter from “Pre Olympic” x “Davina”

Dam: "Dream Girl" winner of 1st National Reims 4,193 birds. 1st Federation, 1st Section 7 winner. This beautiful hen is 100% M & D. Evans bloodlines. She was bred and raced by Ian & Liz Purver from Skinningrove. She has won the "Alderman Waller Cup", the "Jack Tinkler Memorial Trophy" the "Vetrepharm Trophy" and a UNC Gold Medal"
Five reasons why I needed to obtain "Dream Girl" for my breeding lofts.
1. 1st National Winner.
2. Ideal distance 425 miles / 683 km for Mark’s required breeding programme.
3. Hard day racing. Velocity 1177. She won the National flying over 10 and a half hours on the wing.
4. Winning bloodlines in past and future generations on both sides of the pedigree.
5. Super Bloodlines. Inbred "Champion Shadow" on the father's side and "Bliksem" & "Wittenbuik" bloodlines on the mother's side.

William Furlong had a bidding order for well over £3,000.00 and Darren Ede was also determined to win the final bid. For this reason I have agreed to breed two pair and accept £2,800.00 from each of them. This means they both get the pigeons they want and the charity in question gets £5.600.00


Winning Bid: £2,800.00 (BO) - William Furlong (Southern Ireland) 29.03.18

Winning Bid: £2,800.00 - Darren Ede (UK) 29.03.18

22nd Bid: £2,800.00 (BO) - William Furlong (Southern Ireland) 29.03.18

21st Bid: £2,700.00 - Darren Ede (UK) 29.03.18

20th Bid: £2,600.00 (BO) - William Furlong (Southern Ireland) 29.03.18

19th Bid: £2,500.00 - Darren Ede (UK) 29.03.18

18th Bid: £2,400.00 - William Furlong (Southern Ireland) 29.03.18

17th Bid: £2,300.00 - Darren Ede (UK) 29.03.18 

16th Bid: £2,200.00 - Gary & Kathy Hicken (USA) 26.03.18

15th Bid: £2,100.00 (Final BO) - Josh Joubert (South Africa) 25.03.18 

14th Bid: £2,000.00 (Final BO) - Gary & Kathy Hicken (USA) 25.03.18

13th Bid: £1,600.00 (BO) - Josh Joubert (South Africa) 24.03.18 

12th Bid: £1,500.00 - Gary Hicken (USA) 24.03.18 

 11th Bid: £1,400.00 (BO) - Josh Joubert (South Africa) 22.03.18 

10th Bid: £1,300.00 - Mason Nel (South Africa) 21.03.18

9th Bid: £1,200.00 – Mick Gallagher (Southern Ireland) 19.03.18

8th Bid: £1,100.00  – Sue Mansfield (UK) 

7th Bid: £1,000.00  – Chris Jones (UK) 

6th Bid: £900.00 – Mick Gallagher (Southern Ireland) 

5th Bid: £800.00 - K & J. Zerafa (UK) 

4th Bid: £700.00 - G. J. Hunt (UK) 

3rd Bid: £650.00  – Chris Jones (UK) 

2nd Bid: £600.00 - G. J. Hunt (UK)  

Opening 1st Bid: £500.00  – Chris Jones (UK) 19.03.18 – 11.00 am

Auction Rules - Online Auctions

How to make a bid?

To make a bid you can e-mail: markevans.bloodlines@outlook.com

  or call Mark on 0044 7785 273672


If it is your first time to bid on this auction, please mention:
- The Price you want to bid.
- Your Full Name and Full Postal Address.
- Your Telephone Number.
- Your Loft Number (UK Only)


If the ending of the auction is very near, it is safer to make a phone call,

because Internet can't guarantee the email reaches us on time!



If price is between £50 and £500: Min bid increase: £25.00
If price is between £500 and £1.000: Min bid increase: £50.00
If price is above £1.000: Min bid increase: £100.00



If there is a bid during the last 15 minutes before the auction closes, the auction

end will be extended by 15 minutes.

- auction ends at 5:00 PM
- there is a bid at 4:47 PM
- the auction end will be extended until 5:15 PM

- then there is a bid at 5:11 PM
- the auction end will be extended until 5:30 PM and so on.



The price you bid is the price you pay. There is NO extra commission charge.



After payment, the pigeon can be collected from my own tome of Snaith. East Yorkshire or

transport can also be arranged in different ways, depending on the country of destination.

Transport cost will be charged to the buyer.



You can submit a buying order with us - this allows us to bid for you up to a certain amount.
Bids done with a buying order are noted in the bid list with: "(by b.o.)".
In case of equal buying orders, the bidder who gave the first buying order has priority.


I myself Mark Evans have the rights to change the finishing times and dates

in case of any problems regarding the internet failure.