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Triple Seven & Bergerac Hen
The "Bergerac Hen" winner of 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 20th, 37th South West Section, 2nd, 6th, 47th, 67th, 135th Open M.N.F.C. National Bergerac 553 miles plus winner of 3 x R.P.R.A. Awards. The "Bergerac Hen" is one of only three pigeons ever to be awarded the Diploma of Distinction from the Midlands National Flying C......
True Blue
"True Blue" GB2001S86394 Bred by M & D. Evans. Myrtle Lofts and sold as a young bird to David Blenkhorn from Howden, East Yorkshire. Because of his outstanding breeding record for producing winners he was then purchased back by Myrtle Lofts. "True Blue" proved to be a fantastic investment for Myrtle Lofts......
Westkapelle" NL.2000.2057575 Bred by Koen Minderhoud from the Netherlands. This cock can only be described as one in a million. He is sire to over five generations of winners at all levels of competition. The children and grandchildren from this cock are winning all over the world including Canada, America, S......

1st M.N.F.C. Nat 5,103 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 7,791 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 17,366 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 10,148 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 3,461 birds
1st M.N.F.C Nat 4,154 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,753 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 14,701 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 12,229 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 5,243 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 7,000 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 5,977 birds
1st N.F.C. Nat 8,535 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,143 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 12,921 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 24,000 birds
1st N.I.P.A. 16,200 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,756 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,716 birds
1st F.C.I. Int: Nat 6,940 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 4,080 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 10,601 birds
1st M.N.F.C. Nat 8,406 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 7,312 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 6,590 birds
1st U.N.C. Nat 5,434 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,472 birds
1st B.I.C.C. Nat 4,315 birds
1st S.N.F.C. Nat 4,767 birds